Tomb of the unknown soldier wreath laying ceremony essay

By noon of that day, the National Guard had more than 2, troops helping 12 states cope with the snow emergency. Also, held in high esteem are wreath laying ceremonies that occur during state visits. Therefore, the members of the Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard serve as active participants in all Joint Service ceremonies performed at the Tomb, including the highly respected wreath laying ceremonies.

Tomb of the unknown soldier wreath laying ceremony essay

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Photo by Thomas Loker Photography Intro by Thomas Loker Sometimes, as we go through our lives, and if we keep our eyes open, we will find remarkable young people that will touch our hearts and give us hope for our future.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: A moving essay by Kristina Howell | Health Care: Crisis in America

Recently, at the dinner party of one of my closest friends just such a remarkable young person was revealed before me. As she was born within a few months of my 13 year old son, I have observed this remarkable young woman all her life and have watched as she has grown to become a lovely young woman.

As Kristina herself points out; we often keep moving forward with life and take things, and those around us for granted.

Like most, while I have seen her grow, I have never really known her, other than to observe that she has been a good, considerate, and helpful child.

But I have not really known what she was made of, of her character, of her strong feelings, of the beautiful spirit that she has become inside.

This only revealed itself because her father let me read something she recently wrote. Kristina Howell in now in the 8th grade at Dartmouth Middle School in San Jose, I have always known she was an avid reader, but up until she recently took up a challenge to submit an essay in a voluntary writing contest prior to a class trip to Washington, D.

I was not aware that she was also a skilled writer. More importantly, reading what she wrote reminded me that we need to really know our youth better, they are our future and they represent our best hope for a just and strong nation. Kristina researched and wrote a very compelling piece and won the contest.

4 Ramona Middle School Students Selected to Place Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Along with her win she also received the privilege of laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. This accolade will likely become the first of many in her life. Even when this sort of thing is brought to our attention, we tend to keep moving forward with life, always taking freedom for granted.

They risk everything to ensure that we keep it. They decide to fight our battles for us, because they love their country. These people are soldiers.

Soldiers have, and always will, stand as a role model for me.

Tomb of the unknown soldier wreath laying ceremony essay

Their bravery is something many can only hope to possess. It seems to briefly snap us back into a brutal reality. When a war victim dies, it makes me wonder who they really were. As they lay dying, were they filled with regret for never saying goodbye?

Did their spouse or parents cry because they realized their loved one was gone? Did their children finally realize that Mommy or Daddy was never coming home? Both war heroes and their families have to be strong, even if their heart is breaking inside. The reason I want to be a part of the group to lay down the wreath, is that I want to show all those unspoken words, strength, and bravery.

But most of all, for the soldier, I want to be the one to say goodbye. I hope after you read this piece you will post a comment to Kristina here and tell her how her essay touched you, and that you will pass along the link to this story so that others can learn of what a truly remarkable person Kristina is and help encourage her gifts and talents!

Maybe, along the way, her essay will help us inspire, find, and recognize more like Kristina, a truly remarkable young woman!More formal ceremonies involve the laying of a wreath and the attendance of others at this ritual.

These, too, are held frequently at Arlington. You may have the opportunity to . Jan 20,  · Watch video · Donald Trump and Mike Pence visited Arlington National Cemetery to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Tomb of the unknown soldier wreath laying ceremony essay

In the following letter, Miriam ("Mimi") Felt describes the gravity of the first ceremony for Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in November At that time, Mimi was years-old and worked in the water sanitation division of the U.S. Health Service in Washington, DC. Apr 09,  · Only four people can participate in a wreath-laying ceremony, so the school decided to have an essay contest to determine who would participate in the wreath-laying ceremony.

Each student wrote an essay; these four were selected. Enjoy! What the Tomb of the Unknowns Means to Me. By Morgan Abdo. The Tomb of the Unknowns epitomizes the word courage in many ways. The people . Arlington National Cemetery and Josie Essay example.

Wreath Ceremony Selection Review Committee: Hello. I hope this finds you doing well today! It is my pleasure to recommend Josie Sanders as a candidate for the honored position of laying the memorial wreath at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery Ceremony.

Apr 21,  · She proudly represented her classmates, family, and country in the laying of the wreath but she brought honor to all of us with her winning essay, “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.” Essay contest winner, Kristina Howell, 13, from San Jose, Ca., places wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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