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Wednesday, July 05, Baufritz, the biological housebuilders Last week I went on a rare expenses paid jolly to Germany. I was guest of Bavarian housebuilder Baufritz who, like many others in Germany, have watched Huf Haus blaze a trail into the UK selfbuild market and would like to do the same themselves.

They typically build a few hundred homes each year, similar in size to what several timber frame housebuilders do over here. Here, we tend to supply just the timber skeleton, the superstructure, which then has to be finished on site.

The Germans, by contrast, assemble most of the house, including internal and external wall finishes, in what is sometimes referred to as a closed-panel system. To a visitor from the UK, the gleaming efficiency of the production lines is a site to behold.

Baufritz produce around houses a year with a staff ofof which around 80 work in the factory and a further 60 work on site as erection crews.

Say hours input. In the UK, you would expect to see between and hours work go into a traditionally-built house of similar size, and not that much less for a timber-frame one. The reasons for this different approach are several.

Consequently, German builders are confident enough to invest in manufacturing facilities. Baufritz is a good example: It lends itself to prefabrication. In contrast, Brits are more inventive, more willing to experiment and quicker to embrace change.

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And there are elements of German housebuilding that are surprisingly conservative. Various innovations which have been widely taken up in British housebuilding have seemingly been ignored in Germany.

Trussed roofs, engineered timber beams, precast concrete flooring: Consequently, German housebuilders tend to be looked at as being much of a muchness.

Very, very good at what they do, but a rather limited range. Huf Haus stand out because they have gone down a most unusual design route and have decided to build these iconic black wood and glass houses, designer conservatories for the minamalistically inclined.

But how does the competion differentiate itself? Well, Baufritz specialise in what they call the biological approach to homebuilding, as promoted by the IBN Institut fur Baubiologie in Neubeuern.

Not that a Baufritz house is a high energy burner: The biological builders approach is simply to monitor indoor air quality via a carbon dioxide detector and then to open a window if things look to be a little struffy.

The other really revealing technological aspect of their homebuilding is their using a specially-prepared plasterboard with a carbon skin which attracts and earths electro magnetic radiation. I have never seen nor heard of such a thing before.

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They take electrosmog very seriously and insist on getting radiation levels right down to trace levels, and have equipment on hand to prove it. Having written somewhat dismissively about the threat of electrosmog on this blog in June, I must admit that I am beginning to start getting worried about it!

The healthy house is a difficult call from a marketing point of view. Whilst no one would possibly object to living in a healthy house, there is just a slight fear that paying good money for levels of protection not available in normal housing is verging on being paranoid.

People may worry about microwave ovens and mobile phones, but not enough to stop using them and so they may well feel that buying a biological home is a bit weird. The reason they build biologically is because of a family commitment to the issue and Baufritz have established a unique reputation amongst German factory house builders and are now poised to see what the UK makes of their offerings.

It will be fascinating to find out. They have established an office in Cambridge are currently working through various technical approval issues.

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Last week I went on a rare expenses paid jolly to Germany. I was guest of Bavarian housebuilder Baufritz who, like many others in Germany, have watched Huf Haus blaze a trail into the UK selfbuild market and would like to do the same themselves.

There are something like a hundred fertighaus (factory house) companies in Germany, in the Huf Haus/Baufritz mould. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

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