The use of technology in the nursing profession

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The use of technology in the nursing profession

Electronic health records help doctors and nurses communicate more efficiently by eliminating most misinterpretations of written and verbal orders. Using computers, smartphones and tablets, nurses can create and manage electronic health records and update them, as needed.

Diagnosis Electronic health records make it easier for medical professionals to record, retrieve and manage patient data for accurate diagnoses. Nurses often perform routine health assessments such as blood pressure, oxygen levels and even EKGs. Treatment and Medications Nurses now use electronic health records to record and review prescribed medications.

They also use software programs and apps to manage patient medications. These programs and apps help nurses not only avoid medication errors, they also prevent unintended drug interactions.

They also document the care that was provided and make recommendations about patient treatments. Software and electronic device apps also help nurses update patient records, using diagnostic and treatment codes, instead of paper charts and whiteboards.

The use of technology in the nursing profession

Computer security technology also helps nurses keep patient records private. Telemedicine Persistent shortages of nursing staff in the United States has left rural areas and some underserved urban communities with less overall access to quality healthcare.

However, telemedicine enables these populations to have the option of discussing health concerns with nurses, who can help them decide whether or not they need to get treatment at a medical facility.

Telemedicine is also useful for seniors and patients who have disabilities, for whom a trip to a doctor is often challenging.The practice of licensed clinical social work and the use of the title "Licensed Clinical Social Worker" and the designation of "LCSW" or derivatives thereof in New York State requires licensure as a licensed clinical social worker, unless otherwise exempt under the law.

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Please always include your profession and license number, if you have one, in emails along with date of birth and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Nursing informatics can also be defined as any use of information technology by nurses for the purpose of enhanced patient outcomes, the management of healthcare facilities, nurse education and nursing research.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (QI) Definition: Use data to monitor the outcomes of care processes and use improvement methods to design and test changes to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care systems.

Knowledge Skills Attitudes; Describe strategies for improving outcomes of care in the setting in which one is engaged in clinical practiceAnalyze the impact of context (such as. Nursing Application Process.

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Apply to M State. Review nursing application packets, application deadlines and pre-admission exam information. Complete the entrance exam that is required as part of the nursing program application.; Complete a nursing program application.

The use of technology in the nursing profession
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