South asian diasporic writing a resume

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South asian diasporic writing a resume

Durgapur, Sept 13th, Two youths die falling off bridge in Durgapur Two youths have died after falling from a bridge into a canal at Durgapur in West Burdwan district. The two youths had gone to Birbhanpur Smashan crematorium last night for the cremation of a relative.

After the cremation, the duo set out for home on a motorcycle. As they were crossing the bridge over the Damodar canal, losing direction in the darkness, their motorcycle plunged into the canal through a missing portion of the guard wall.

Other people who were in the cremation team and were behind them alerted police and local residents. Police engaged some divers and managed to fish out the motorcycle early in the morning. Later in the day, local residents retrieved the dead bodies of the two youths from the canal.

People of the area have demanded that Damodar Valley Corporation, a Central PSU, should reinstall the guard wall on the bridge as in order to go to the crematorium people have no option but to cross the bridge.

They have also demanded adequate street lights on the bridge. Muskan used to stay in a second floor rented apartment at Bidhannagar area with a batchmate named Sunidhi. Last week, Sunidhi went home for a break and hence, Muskan was alone in the apartment.

This made her alert their common friends in Durgapur. Following this, some girls came to the rented apartment today morning and found the door bolted from inside. On getting no response despite repeated knocks, they peeped through a hole in and window and were shocked to find Muskan hanging from the ceiling fan over her bed.

The friends at once informed this to the landowner and the police. Police said that they will be able to ascertain the exact cause of death only on getting the autopsy report. No suicide note has been found in the room but police are examining her mobile phone for a clue.

Landlord Subhash Debnath has described Muskan as a composed and studies girl. He said that she hardly spent her time outside other than while attending college.

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They had sent her to study and return home with an MBA degree. It is close to Durgapur barrage and links NH60 with Bankura. Although construction of a new bridge by the public works department had started nearby, the work was stalled a year ago.

Most of the trucks bound for the Northeast and south India from Bankura use the dilapidated bridge regularly. The administration has stopped plying of vehicles weighing more than 10 tonnes on the bridge after it was badly damaged in the floods but local residents said the ban was only on pen and paper.

The bridge trembles when heavy vehicles cross it. We fear it may collapse anytime," said Paritosh Maji, a local resident.

After inspecting the bridge inthe administration found its operational life had expired and decided to construct the new bridge. A PWD official in West Burdwan said vehicles were allowed to run on the old bridge till the new one was built as there was no alternative route.

The PWD roads was assigned to build the new bridge and work started in We have repeatedly appealed to the administration to finish the work soon as we fear the old bridge may collapse anytime. But nothing has been done. We are more scared after the Majerhat bridge collapse," said Dibyendu Banerjee, another local resident.

The CPM had organised a road blockade for two hours in July demanding immediate completion of the new bridge. Sources in the PWD roads in Durgapur said construction of the new bridge was stopped because of some technical issues. It was tough to break them using explosives as such an effort would have caused more damage to the old bridge.

We later managed to remove the boulders using very low intensity explosives. The work on the bridge will resume after the monsoon," a PWD engineer said on condition of anonymity. The robbers also took away the footage of the CCTV cameras.

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Police sources said it was the biggest jewellery shop heist in Durgapur town in recent memory. Three of them entered the shop posing as customers while two others stood on guard beside the armed security personnel outside the showroom.

There were no other customers and only five employees were present at the shop. We did not notice anything wrong in their behaviour. All of them were in their mids and were speaking in both Hindi and Bengali," said an employee of the shop.

south asian diasporic writing a resume

Soon, the two who were standing outside entered the shop holding the security guard at gunpoint. The others also whipped out pistols and asked the staff to hand over all gold ornaments and not try to raise alarm.The Diasporic Literature (South Asian Immigrant Creative Writing) Originally the term ‘diaspora’ (often with Capital ‘D’) referred to the Jewish diaspora indicating the dispersal of the Jews from Israel back in the sixth-seventh century B.C.

and later in the second century A.D. from Jerusalem. This edited collection surveys the considerable body of writing that has evolved around British Asian diasporas, through a devolved approach that focuses on five specific cities with large South Asian communities: Bradford, the East End of London, Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham.

Shortwave Loggings for September 10, Interesting East Asian propagation conditions this morning as many Chinese stations, both legitimate and the CNR1 jammers, were quite evident today on 25 and 31 meters.

south asian diasporic writing a resume

Source: Durgapur, 17th Aug , Violence mars civic polls in Bengal, Durgapur on edge Durgapur was a flashpoint of unrest as seven municipalities went to polls on Sunday, with policemen coming under attack. Eyob Mekonnen (photo courtesy: Massinko Entertainment) BBC.

Fans of the year-old singer helped raise money for his treatment after he had a stroke last Tuesday in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. CURRICULUM VITAE RAHUL KRISHNA GAIROLA Assistant Professor of English & Comparative Literature Section Editor, Postcolonial Text.

Co-editor, salaam: the newsletter of the south asian .

SASIALIT: Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora