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Under his stewardship, UBL became the second largest bank in Pakistan. Abedi introduced a host of professional innovations, including the concept of personalised service and banking support to trade and industry, paying particular attention to the bank's overseas operations.

One of the first to comprehend the Mr hasan offered by the oil boom in the Persian GulfMr Abedi pioneered close economic collaboration in the private sector between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates UAE.

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Over the years, it developed into a worldwide banking operation with branches in 72 countries and 16, employees on its payroll. Abedi was personally responsible for inducting a large number of Pakistanis into the field of international banking and almost 80 per cent of the BCCI's top executive positions at the head office and in branches in various countries were held by Pakistanis.

Mr hasan

Abedi severed his connection with BCCI in after suffering a heart attack and led a retired life in Karachi until his death of heart failure at Karachi's Aga Khan hospital in At the time of his death, Abedi was under indictment in several countries for crimes related to BCCI.

However, Pakistani officials refused to give him up for extraditionclaiming the charges were politically motivated.

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Besides this, it is likely he would have been too sick to stand trial. He had been in poor health since suffering a stroke in the mids.

Philanthropist[ edit ] "The late Agha Hasan Abedi was a famous banker and he backed many literary and educational institutions in Pakistan and other third world countries.18mins Powerful sheikh steps aside from IOC after forgery charge ; 37mins Bring law to jail sugar mill owners for not paying farmers their due, says sugarcane farmers’ leader ; 41mins Nissan.

Muhammad Musa Executive Director BRAC. Dr Muhammad Musa is the executive director of BRAC. He has an extensive background in leading humanitarian, social development, and public health organisations in international, cross-cultural settings.

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Top 10 management information systems program, Ranked number 1 in the world for research, Fox School of Business, Department of Management Information Systems, Temple University. M. A. Jinnah Road (Part II) – Arif Hasan Initiated and supervised the photographic documentation of M.


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Jinnah Road. This was done to record Karachi’s built heritage which was being threatened by the elevated light-rail project through this historic artery of the city. Annual Report on Evaluation This annual report provides detailed insights into the evaluation activities at UNDP, UNCDF and UNV in It highlights key achievements, challenges, lessons and presents the future work plan and ways forward.

Chapeau, Mr Browder! Hats off for this incredible man. Last month, he succeeded in stopping a film screening in the European parliament and took off a few articles from American web sites. This week, he turned the only US screening of a film critical to his version of events into a .

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