How to write a profile article example

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How to write a profile article example

Story about Adelphi swimmer While every profile story unfolds differently, you will notice several components that all of the stories share -- and that your story should have: They all have pretty good leads.

They also have good endings. Give your lead a lot of thought. They also talked to and quoted people who know the subject well coaches, professors, friends, teammates, etc. They all contain details. They show examples rather than just tell information.

The stories all flow well thanks to a good structure; transitions; a mix of short, medium and long sentences. The writers created an outline and then revised, revised, revised. Before you write your story, create an outline.

how to write a profile article example

Your should expect to revise your story several times. They are all written fairly tightly. They cover a lot of info in about words. You should do the same.

Revise, rephrase and, if necessary, cut out stuff. The stories are all in correct AP Style and use correct spelling and grammar. Make sure your proofread your stories.

You will lose points for sloppiness. All info in the stories was fact-checked and confirmed. She also double-checked the spellings of names. Make sure you check all facts, including dates, times, numbers, statistics, spellings of names, etc.Jul 30,  · How to Write Articles.

In this Article: Article Summary Forming Your Idea Researching Your Idea Outlining Your Idea Writing Your Article Finalizing Your Work Community Q&A There are a multitude of different types of articles, including news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles 81%().

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How to Write a Profile Feature Article s a student journalist, your mission is to inform your peers. Your fellow students look to your work to help them understand the nuances of the environments they inhabit, and to accurately represent their experiences and views.

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