How to write a cubic function equation

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How to write a cubic function equation

Methods for solving cubic equations appear in The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Arta Chinese mathematical text compiled around the 2nd century BC and commented on by Liu Hui in the 3rd century. Some others like T. Heathwho translated all Archimedes ' works, disagree, putting forward evidence that Archimedes really solved cubic equations using intersections of two conicsbut also discussed the conditions where the roots are 0, 1 or 2.

In an early paper, he discovered that a cubic equation can have more than one solution and stated that it cannot be solved using compass and straightedge constructions.

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He also found a geometric solution. However, he gave one example of a cubic equation: He used what would later be known as the " Ruffini - Horner method" to numerically approximate the root of a cubic equation. He also used the concepts of maxima and minima of curves in order to solve cubic equations which may not have positive solutions.

In fact, all cubic equations can be reduced to this form if we allow m and n to be negative, but negative numbers were not known to him at that time. Del Ferro kept his achievement secret until just before his death, when he told his student Antonio Fiore about it.

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He was soon challenged by Fiore, which led to a famous contest between the two. Each contestant had to put up a certain amount of money and to propose a number of problems for his rival to solve. Whoever solved more problems within 30 days would get all the money. Later, Tartaglia was persuaded by Gerolamo Cardano — to reveal his secret for solving cubic equations.

InTartaglia did so only on the condition that Cardano would never reveal it and that if he did write a book about cubics, he would give Tartaglia time to publish. Some years later, Cardano learned about Ferro's prior work and published Ferro's method in his book Ars Magna inmeaning Cardano gave Tartaglia six years to publish his results with credit given to Tartaglia for an independent solution.

Cardano's promise with Tartaglia stated that he not publish Tartaglia's work, and Cardano felt he was publishing del Ferro's, so as to get around the promise. Nevertheless, this led to a challenge to Cardano by Tartaglia, which Cardano denied.

The challenge was eventually accepted by Cardano's student Lodovico Ferrari — Ferrari did better than Tartaglia in the competition, and Tartaglia lost both his prestige and income. He even included a calculation with these complex numbers in Ars Magna, but he did not really understand it.

Rafael Bombelli studied this issue in detail [21] and is therefore often considered as the discoverer of complex numbers. Stationary point The critical points of a function are those values of x where the slope of the function is zero.where ρis the density, γ = Cp / Cv is the adiabatic index (ratio of specific heats), e = CvT is the internal energy per unit mass (the "specific internal energy"), Cv is the specific heat at constant volume, and Cp is the specific heat at constant pressure.

Cubic equations of state Van der Waals equation of state The Van der Waals equation of state may be written.

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Example 1: f is a cubic function given by f (x) = x 3. Find the x and y intercepts of the graph of f.

how to write a cubic function equation

Find the domain and range of f. Sketch the graph of f. Solution to Example 1. a - The y intercept is given by (0, f(0)) = (0, 0) The x coordinates of the x intercepts are the solutions to x . X Exclude words from your search Put - in front of a word you want to leave out.

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how to write a cubic function equation

This Model is also very Smooth and Fits the data well. Conclusion.

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Hence this was a simple overview of Cubic and Smoothing Splines and how they transform variables and add Non linearities to the Model and are more flexible and smoother than other techniques.

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In algebra, a cubic function is a function of the form = + + +in which a is nonzero.. Setting f(x) = 0 produces a cubic equation of the form + + + = The solutions of this equation are called roots of the polynomial f(x).If all of the coefficients a, b, c, and d of the cubic equation are real numbers, then it has at least one real root (this is true for all odd degree polynomials).

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