Free lunch there is none such

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Free lunch there is none such

The special pipe is built by Lucid Energy. This video explaining the process is a bit short on details, but has great production quality, and is very much a feel-good piece.

It was produced by a media company called ATTN: The video on Facebook is can be found here. So when I see an innovative concept such as this, it really catches my attention. I'm having a real problem getting behind this idea, and here is why; I believe this concept will use more energy than it creates.

There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

OK, so the water is going to be rushing through the pipe anyway, right? It is fresh water that is going through water mains, that eventually makes it to the taps in our homes. So, how does that water get there? The answer is that it is pumped there from a reservoir.

Free lunch there is none such

Huge water pumps that are usually run by electricity create the flow and the pressure to keep the water flowing and under steady pressure.

Anything that is a blockage or impediment in the water's path adds to the energy it takes for the pumps to push that water through the pipe. That includes the blades of the turbines that the video depicts. So, while the energy appears to be free to the person downstream, something upstream is burning up energy to make it happen.

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch - Green4Geeks Blog

The only way I can see this working for free is if you are on a gravity system. Most water systems here in the US are not gravity systems, they actively run pumps to keep all that water moving.

The water towers that you see around cities are actually there for mostly emergency use - when the power is out of there is an exceptionally heavy and sudden demand. So, what i see is a rob Peter to pay Paul scheme here. It really isn't free energy - someone is paying the bill at the pump. The dismaying thing about this is that I observed a lot of positive comments, shares, and likes on the posting.

These are people that love the idea of free energy, but are trusting what appears to be junk science behind it. Why does it work in Portland? Their water source is up in the mountains and is primarily gravity fed - a rarity among water systems.

I found this information here. I'm not really sure how their math works out for the savings - I did a quick back of the napkin calculation and here is what I came up with: While it isn't clear whether the savings are an offset to the homeowners electric bill, the offset to construction costs, or both.

Free lunch there is none such

Regardless, this works well in Portland, and two other cities are mentioned in the article, but for widespread use, not so much. I would love to hear from any engineers that actually work on this and can correct any of my assumptions, or at least provide more detail on where the savings come in.

Either post in the comments section or email me directly."There is no such thing as a free lunch" refers to economics. In economics everything from our time to money is a resource. To have a "free lunch" is to give up a . There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch - the TANSTAAFL Principle.

As first discussed by Robert Heinlein in his book, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress And later by Edwin G. Dolan in TANSTAAFL, The Economic Strategy for Environmental Crisis.

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Mar 21,  · Maybe There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch It was such a flattering picture of the company that some assumed the presenter is a paid consultant.

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On Infrastructure, There Ain't No Such thing as a free lunch