Expansion the idea one good turn deserves another

Expansion of ideas on "One good turn deserves another". I have been given an assignment on the said topic. We recommend that you frame such answers on your own. But I would say that this phrase means more to me than to probably anyone else.

Expansion the idea one good turn deserves another

The expansion of the Defence Housing Authority DHALahore, came under the microscope on Wednesday when the Supreme Court decided to examine how a commercial enterprise could be vested with excessive powers to extend its peripheries, of its own accord.

In fact, the court was told that the title belonged to one Nusrat Jehan Khatoon. In addition, the ownership of this piece of land was already under dispute and a civil court had issued a status quo on April 2, But DHA, Lahore, not only acquired the land ineven though the title was not in its name, but also issued notifications under relevant laws, announcing that the land had been acquired by the authority.

Soon after the promulgation of the law, DHA initiated similar housing projects in different cities such as Bahawalpur, Multan and Gujranwala.

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These provincial laws, the counsel argued, were in direct conflict with similar laws at the federal level, especially when the Lahore corps commander or general officer commanding were appointed as heads of the provincial commercial entity in question. The counsel also submitted newspaper advertisements showing that DHA even allotted plots among buyers without disclosing that the title of the land had not been transferred in its name.

The Punjab prosecutor general informed the court that a criminal investigation in this regard had been initiated by the Federal Investigation Agency this year. Investigation Officer Mumtaz Hussain had even sent a part questionnaire to DHA, but the authority refused to reply, claiming immunity as a military establishment.

On the face of it, both legal instruments suffered from serious legal and constitutional issues as to the vires of these laws, the court noted. A number of questions arose, including the vesting of excessive powers to expand in a body that appeared to be a commercial enterprise. The court, however, ordered the authority to take out advertisements in leading newspapers, explaining to intending buyers that the land in question had not been acquired by the authority and they should purchase the land at their own risk.

The court observed that after the 18th Amendment it had now become the responsibility of the auditor general of Pakistan to audit the accounts of all institutions.

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Expansion the idea one good turn deserves another

Get the Dawn Mobile App: Apple Store Google Play.Apr 11,  · In another post on this forum there were some questions about enabling delayed expansion. I decided to start another post and expound on it to give the topic the attention it deserves.

There are probably many ways to explain delayed expansion. Aug 13,  · NATO said in that Georgia would eventually become a member of the western military alliance, prompting strong opposition from Russia, which sees .

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A short moral story on the Cap seller and Moneys for kids. caninariojana.com is home of thousands of articles published by users like .

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One Good Turn Deserves Another [LIFEHUNTERS] - Is it better to give than to receive? We tested it out. When people have absolutely nothing, how willing are they still to give to a stranger? One should rid oneself of the false panic, fearing the Trump victory as the ultimate horror which makes us support Clinton in spite of all her obvious shortcomings.

The rise in production, in turn, was based on a high degree of availability of capital funds provided by actual savings, as opposed to credit expansion, together with rapid scientific and technological progress.

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