Evolution of black theater essay

Women, Collective Creation and Devised Performance:

Evolution of black theater essay

During this time we have come across many different styles and pieces which have changed and evolved over time. In Bonners "The Purple Flower", the reader can easily distinguish who the two sides are and what they were fighting for.

Bonner was known for her passion and in your face style, she was also known for her fictitious stories. In this play she spoke clearly about what she thought was going on in society. This play was written inthis was around the time of the Harlem Renaissance, a time where black writers were expressing themselves and expressing their views on a society that oppressed them.

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This is much like the society that she lived in, which oppressed black people. African Americans had to do what they needed to survive, even if it meant serving white people, but it never really got them anywhere, because the white people always found a way to keep them down. Her words were fiction, but every aspect of this play struck a cord with black America.

It hit home with African Americans who read it because it was true. Things that were wrong in society were getting worse and there needed to be a change. The play called for someone to step up and kill a white devil.

This can be interpreted as blacks being able to step up and take back what is ours, even if it had to come to bloodshed.

Evolution of black theater essay

If no one helped our people then the dynamics of our fragile society would just get worse. The issues that Bonner wrote about were things that were happening throughout our history. This could be linked to the education system in the US which favors the white schools and did nothing for the black schools.

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This style of writing is very unique and allowed to express her ideas as well as bring awareness to her people. Alice Childress wrote "The Wine in the Wilderness" in Korean “Street Fighter V” player Lee “Infiltration” Seon-woo has withdrawn from competing in the pro-circuit following a domestic violence charge.

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Evolution of black theater essay

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