Difference between vietnamese culture and american culture

But for their basketball-loving sons, it offers the chance to live out a dream. But then again, they might cheer for his opponents, too.

Difference between vietnamese culture and american culture

This date varies from year to year, between January 15 and Feb. They give presents and throw birthday parties Vietnamese celebrate death days. Birthday is also celebrate, but not that big.

Pajamas are not acceptable in public They are quite acceptable in public, even in the streets 2. Shoes and slippers are used day and night Slippers do not exist. People can walk in the streets with bare feet.

Americans wear leather shoes. Vietnamese wear wooden and rubber shoes more often. Women wear socks or stockings with shoes They do not wear socks or stockings.

Vietnamese women go bare foot with their shoes. Cooking and Eating 1. Americans do not spend much time in preparing food. Vietnamese spend a lot of time in preparing food. Grocery is bought once a week 3. Americans use napkins and drink during meal Vietnamese do not use napkins but wash their hands and their faces before and after every meal.

Americans use knife, spoons, fork and plates. They eat soup in a plate Vietnamese use spoons, chopsticks and a bowl. They eat soup in a bowl 6. Americans have one big dinner per day Vietnamese have two equally large meals per day lunch and dinner 7.

The smell of prepared food is weak The smell of Vietnamese food is strong 8. American food is less spicy 9.

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Potato or bread is the main starch Rice is the main starch Meat is cooked in big pieces, they cut it during eating. Meat is cut into small pieces before cooking because they never use knife during meal Food is put in individual plates or on the table.

They tend to pass the whole plate of food around The food is put on the table and individuals take piece by piece. The parents get food for their kids using their chopsticks, not by passing the whole plate All food is shared equally Preferred food is served to parents or the elderly first Americans do not make noise in appreciating good food.

Vietnamese sometimes make noise in appreciating good food, especially soup Women eat equally like men in quantity Women have to eat small amounts like cats and men in quantity like tigers Greetings Americans shake hands with the opposite sex Vietnamese do not shake hands with the opposite sex.

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They do not shake hands with old people or women unless they offer their hand first. Two women do not shake hands. Americans exchange cheek-kisses to express friendliness Vietnamese never exchange cheek-kisses.

It is a shock to most married women. To slap someone on the back expressing happiness is acceptable It is insulting to the Vietnamese to be slapped on the back; especially to women Americans can greet anyone in the family first A Vietnamese greets the head of a family or an older person first, then the younger ones.

Housing Homes have more rooms, space and conveniences.


Homes are small in cities and towns Home are mostly constructed of wood or brick Homes, in the country side, are usually made of bamboo trees, dry rice plants and mud. In the cities, they are constructed of brick or cement. There are places for children to play inside More rooms are reserved for bedrooms Everybody owns a bed, including children Americans do not share a bed with same sex A double-bed sleeps only two people A bed implies mattress and spring board, bed sheets and bed spread Children sleep in their own bedrooms Americans sleep late on the week-ends Americans do not take a siesta afternoon nap Children in the cities or towns play in the streets One room is reserved for an altar.

This is the sacred room where the worship ancestors Not everyone owns a bed Vietnamese can share a bed with the same sex. It is not abnormal for two male or female friends or relatives to share one bed.

It can even sleep three or four people A bed is made of either wood or bamboo and covered by a reed mat.Oct 05,  · Vlog5: Đến Đài Loan học gì? Học lực trung bình có đi du học được không?

Difference between vietnamese culture and american culture

越南學生學歷一般可以來台灣唸書嗎?. Business Negotiations Between American and Vietnamese Businesses: The Influence of Proxemics and Site Setting on Negotiation Outcomes Ly-Le, T. (). "Business Negotiations Between American and Vietnamese Businesses: The Influence of Proxemics and Site Setting on Negotiation Outcomes." "Business Negotiations Between American and.

by Lucila Ortiz. In the chart below, review the differences between the views of “mainstream” American culture and Hispanic/Latino culture. Cultural Aspects Mainstream American Culture. Most Vietnamese Americans marry within their ethnic group, but Vietnamese American women are much more likely to marry non-Vietnamese than are Vietnamese American men.

EDUCATION Education is highly valued in Vietnamese culture, and the knowledge attained by children is viewed as a reflection on the entire family. Despite the huge differences between American and Chinese parenting styles, when Chinese raise their children in the US, they will gradually incorporate some of their values.

“Before we came here, the way we educated our kids and the way Americans do is like different tracks,” Chen Tingting says. What are some cultural differences between Vietnamese and Americans? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

1 Answer. What is the difference between American and Vietnamese communication? What are cultural differences between the American Southwest and South?

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