Corrosion and its prevention

Primarily these strategies are aimed at the boat building process, at which time one has the very best opportunity to create a hassle free, low lifetime maintenance situation for any metal vessel. Vigilance and good workmanship are vital!

Corrosion and its prevention

Appropriate reasons are described. Corrosion is a natural phenomenon. Eminent scientists, engineers, and researchers have been successful over the years in overcoming this menacing problem.

Nevertheless, periodical assessments are done to achieve the current level of protection. Galvanic Corrosion Gradual decay of metal by electrochemical process or by chemical is corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is a generic form. An anode, cathode and an electrolyte are necessary to form galvanic corrosion.

This combination is known as a galvanic cell.

Corrosion and its prevention

It is formed when two dissimilar metals are electrically connected by an aqueous solution that causes electron transfer. Chemical reduction forms when the current enters the electrode from the electrolyte.


Electrical potential difference occurs when anode and cathode are separated in a conductive electrolyte. The charged cat-ions flow from anode to cathode via a conductive electrolyte. An electrical circuit is formed by this action, and corrosion occurs at the anode. The cathode may corrode to a lesser extent.

Oxidation happens when anode loses electrons, which causes a positively charged metal surface. Cat-ions attract negative anions in electrolyte forming a new compound. It loses its former metal properties forming rust or iron oxide.

Reduction refers to the gain of electrons at the cathode. Thus the cathode retains its metallic properties. The occurrence and magnitude of corrosion depends on the potential difference between anode and cathode. Metals of highest potentials generally appear at the anodic end of the galvanic series and those with lowest potentials are at the cathodic end of the galvanic series.

As a general rule, metals at the farther end of the galvanic series are more susceptible to corrosion when put together in a solution. Galvanic corrosion is invariably due to an electrochemical process wherein incompatible metals are connected to an electrical field through an electrolyte.

Non-compatible metals — examples are aluminum and copper and aluminum and iron. Aluminum has a high affinity with oxygen. It instantly forms a tough oxide film which retards further oxidation. Aluminum and steel components are protected by powder coating. They come with attractive colors and a thick coating gives long lasting protection from corrosion.

If the coating is scratched, corrosion starts gradually peeling the coating. Intergranular Corrosion Oxides at grain boundaries have high electrical resistance.

Mechanical properties are also affected. The yield strength declines. Cold working suffers damage. Microstructure study reveals spread and agglomerated distribution of unwanted oxides.

Aluminum oxides always settle at grain boundary which is unavoidable. Aircrafts use aluminum alloys. Treating the molten alloys or pure aluminum with rare earth elements contains the oxides inside the grain boundaries.

It makes the metal stronger and electrically efficient. Fatigue failures are avoided by containing oxides inside the grain boundaries. Uniform Corrosion All types of corrosion are generally correlated though they may take different forms.

Corrosion may spread over uniformly or concentrated at a localized area. This is distinguished by uniformity of corrosion distribution caused by movement of anodic and cathodic areas of the metallic surfaces. This tendency is more precarious than a failure case.The best resource to help you find the corrosion career you deserve.

Find your cathodic protection, coating and corrosion job today. Manual of Best Practices for the Prevention of Corrosion on Vehicles and Equipment used by Transportation Agencies for Snow and Ice Control Prepared by.

What is Corrosion?

Media and Publications. Press. Materials Performance, April Issue, page 15 Corr Instruments (San Antonio, Texas) introduces its nanoCorr® coupled multielectrode sensor analyzer for online and real-time corrosion monitoring. Comprehensive Corrosion Test: 46 Products Compared.

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1 [CORROSION&PROTECTION/BM] A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO CORROSION AND ITS CONTROL CORROSION OF METALS AND ITS PREVENTION WHAT IS CORROSION Corrosion is the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment.

SUMMARY By understanding the causes and types of corrosion, Boeing has been able to design its commercial airplanes for corrosion prevention throughout their .

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