10 techniques to shape children

Encourage good behavior with praise or rewards immediately.

10 techniques to shape children

Feature Stories 10 Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy Experts explain how small steps can help you stay on track to meet your diet and exercise goals.


Maybe you were gung ho for a few weeks and then your get-in-shape determination quickly faded -- and you went back to your old, bad health habits. What if instead of making mega-changes with the all-or-nothing approach to weight loss and good health, you resolve to tackle a few simple changes at a time?

Studies show that the health and weight loss habits that have the best chance of lasting are the ones that call for minor, doable changes.

According to Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, a nutrition professor at Penn State University, the key is to take small, positive steps and move ahead consistently. Feel Good About Yourself Today Be sure the people around you make you feel good about you -- no matter what your size or health condition.

In addition, if close friends encourage you to smoke, overeat, or drink too much, find some new friends who have good health habits and also want a healthier you. And remember that you can be sexy and look and feel fabulous and not be thin.

Select positive role models. Choose role models that help you feel good about who you are, rather than ones who make you feel bad. Find a female role model who is strong, healthy -- and real!

Know What Makes You Overeat The key to staying motivated is to know where your problem areas are and have a plan for dealing with them. Do you use food to cope with disappointment, rejection, boredom, or even personal success? Brainstorm some healthier ways to cope with mood swings that do not involve food.

10 techniques to shape children

In addition, control your environment to avoid bingeing on high-calorie foods when you do feel disappointed, rejected, or bored. Keep your kitchen stocked with lots of healthy options such as chunks of fruits and veggies, low-fat yogurts, flavored waters, and sugar-free gum.

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Make Simple Daily Change Who said health-related lifestyle changes had to be all or nothing? Start small and make a few simple weight loss and exercise changes each day. These small changes can add up over time to give you a big health boost. Here are some suggestions: Add 5 more grams of fiber to your daily meal plan.

Cut out refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, and sweets Avoid foods with trans-fats Add two more servings of veggies at lunch and dinner Drink three more glasses of water each day Add 10 minutes of walking to your daily exercise regimen Take a break every hour at work and walk steps in place 2, steps burns calories Wake up 15 minutes earlier and walk before work 5.

Think of five people who might be in your cheering section. Talk to these people about giving you support and holding you accountable as you work to reach your weight loss or health goals.

When you do reach small weight loss or exercise goals, invite your support group to celebrate with you. Forgive Yourself If you slip up on vacation and overeat, drink too much, or fail to exercise -- forgive yourself.

Instead, say, "I really enjoyed my vacation," and let it go at that.Breathing Techniques for Anxiety: 10 Calming Activities for Kids.

the bubble will burst before it has time to take shape. But by blowing slowly and with purpose, they can blow a perfect bubble.

10 techniques to shape children

There are many games and toys you can try out with children to help them learn these breathing techniques for . The truth is that there are many things that are more important in shaping our children than the methods and techniques we use to modify their behavior.

Here are 10 things that are more important than any method you choose, in no particular order. Mar 10,  · 10 Techniques to Shape Children’s Behavior Shaping children’s behavior means providing the child with cues and reinforcements that direct them toward desirable behavior.

As you shape children’s behavior, the child’s personality tags along and also changes and improves. 10 Tips: Kid-friendly Veggies and Fruits. Encourage children to eat vegetables and fruits by making it fun.

Provide healthy ingredients and let kids help with preparation, based on their age and skills. 10 Techniques to Shape Children’s Behavior Apr 3, This article offers helpful guidelines to shape children’s behavior through a discussion of when and how to use praise, selective ignoring, and the withdrawal of privileges, as well as how to help children learn the consequences for .

I’ve worked with my kids on learning their shapes on and off over the last couple of years. During that time, I have searched far and wide to find some of the best and most engaging ideas for teaching shapes to .

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